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Smiley's Forecast #2 

Oh, boy. Gee wizz. Golly hell. Holy fuck. I'm 25 already.

The Gas House Gorillas surpassed its $10,000 Indiegogo Campaign toward our upcoming album "SHUT UP!" (#SHUTUP, thank you) thanks to friends, family, fans, and a handful of more things that start with "F." We're already digging through long days of mixing, carefully dialing in decibel by decibel, making microincision-like adjustments, and breaking for hoagies - every penny accounted for and working hard.

First, we breezed through laying down the 14 (or… Read more

Rick's Rant #1 

I almost missed my opportunity to contribute this week, but here I am, Folks! I would like to thank every person who came out to play on our excursion to a far off land called Colorado, where the weather changes drastically by the second. A magical place where outdoor shows get moved inside, then outside, then inside again. A place where trailers get busted, sleep deprivation makes us loopy and the show must go on! Seriously, thank you to all of the big hearted people who hosted us, supported us and came… Read more

Tour Dates!!! 

Friday, May 22nd at 9 pm
Green Mill Tavern
3419 State St. 
Evans, CO 80634 

Saturday, May 23rd at 12 pm
Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson
5867 North Nevada Avenue 
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Saturday, May 23rd at 9 pm
12363 W 64th Ave 
Arvada, CO 80004

Sunday, May 24th at 8 pm
Johnny's Navajo Hogan
2817 North Nevada Avenue 
Colorado Springs, CO 80907 

Thursday, May 28th at 6 pm
The 21st Saloon
Omaha, NE

Saturday, May 30th at 11 am
Michael Arnone's Crawfish Fest
Augusta, NJ

Friday, June… Read more

Smiley's Forecast #2 

Just got home from playing the Crawfish Fest promo event in Augusta, NJ. While most of the fair grounds were still closed or in the process of opening up, they were enough to get me real excited for our set at the festival on May 30th. But there's a long way to go before the 30th. One week from today, we depart on the 1,700 mile, 28 hour journey to Colorado. We made the same trip last year and - while the shows were a blast - it was a real ass kicker. We all came back sick and droopy-eyed but it was worth… Read more

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